Learn Healthy Survivorship at
CAA Survivor School!
Women who have recently completed treatment for any type of cancer or who are in maintenance treatment can enroll in one of our six-week sessions. The Survivor School classes will be taught by various integrative medicine professionals, Cancer Association and AnMed Health staff who specialize in working with cancer patients -- and even former patients who have walked the same path. In fact, about a third of our team of instructors are made up of cancer survivors!
If you are interested in learning more about the mind-body connection to health and wellness taught at Survivor School,  contact Carrie Rozakos Binnicker at 222-3500 or email
carrie@cancerassociationanderson.org for more details or to enroll.
We have an exciting line-up for our next Survivor School this fall. Shannon Carney from Wind River Cancer Welness Retreats and Programs will be speaking to us about the mind/body connection for our first session.  You don't want to miss her!  We will also take a field trip to Kitchen Emporium to learn about nutrition and how to make some yummy shakes and juice bombs!  Come and find out what your "new normal" is after cancer treatment ends -- or how to keep going if you have metastatic disease. Learn how to be your best "you" at Survivor School! The  6-week series of classes for women survivors covers such issues as nutrition, spirituality, sleep and the importance of laughter (above). Eligible women have completed treatment for cancer in the past year, will be completing treatment soon, or are in a long-range treatment protocol. Survivor School classes are offered at no charge thanks to a grant from the Palmetto Peloton Project Challenge to Conquer Cancer.  Call Carrie at 222-3500 or email carrie@cancerassociationanderson.org to enroll now!!

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